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October 2022

Adventures in simplifying complexity.
Answer: Continuously - throughout the product development cycle.
If you routinely interview customers before building a new product or rolling out a major feature, your process might look something like this: Kickoff…
A New Adventure
Steve, a software developer, quits his full-time job to work on a promising new idea but struggles to secure buy-in from co-founders and investors. He…

August 2022

Inspired by Kurt Vonnegut’s lecture on “the simple shapes of stories,” I’ve previously riffed on The Simple Shapes of Startups. More recently, however…

February 2022

Time flies. It’s been ten years since the last edition of Running Lean. Since then, I’ve spent thousands of hours training and coaching hundreds of…

June 2021

How I learned to stop procrastinating and start realizing that now is the best time to launch or pivot a new product offering or startup – yes, despite…

April 2021

(This is guest post by Alejandra Gonzalez, a seasoned business model strategist, product owner, and innovation coach. In this post, Alejandra shares her…